Picture of Patio Plumeria

Patio Plumeria

Multi growth tips for greater possible flower production. Click picture or details for more tips

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  • This wonderful plumeria is perfect for those who have limited space. 
  • It produces full size celadine flowers which are highly fragrant.
  • Fragrance is waxy citrusy
  • Keeping quality is excellent - the best of all plumeria
5-6 Tip rooted plant
5-6 Growth tips. Leaves will be removed prior to shipment to reduce stress on plant. Leaves will return quickly.
7-9 Tip cutting
7-9 Growth tips. Amazing celadine flowers
10-12 Tip cutting
Amazing compact growth, giving wonderfully fragrant celadine flowers
13-15 tip cutting
Unbelievably compact grower
19-21 tip cuttiing
Simply amazing compact plant
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