This section includes plumeria which have red as the dominant color.  Other colors may be prsent but red is dominant.  There are a number of different shades of red, ranging from light red all the way to a deep burgundy, almost blood plasma.  Most if not all reds, tend to have a cinnamon fragrance.

Key West Red

First discovered in the Florida Keys.
From $39.95

Scott Pratt

Possibly darkest of all reds
From $29.95


Heavy blooming red
From $23.95


Deep bright red


Excellent red plumeria with gold/yellow throat

Hilo Beauty

Deep deep red flower
From $31.95

Irma Bryan

Deep velvety red flower with orange throat, excellent keeping quality


Deep red pink with wonderful fruity fragrance


Good heavy bloomer, grows well in Florida


Unusual redish pink flower

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