This section includes plumeria with white as the dominant color.  All white plumeria will have at least a yellow throat. There may be other colors  present but with white being dominant.

Singapore (obtusa)

Easily the most fragrant of all plumeria. See details below to view the various sizes available.
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Bridal White

Closely thatched florets on stem

Daisy Wilcox

Very large fragrant flower


Unusual branching pattern

Hausten White

Delicate white flower

Hong Kong

Hybrid seedling of Singapore, developed in Florida

King Kalakaua

Named after Hawaiian Royalty

Madison White (aka San Germain)

Holds leaves longer than most and is resistant to rust fungus


Some consider this to be a plumeria. We feel it is closer to being a oleander due to its growth habit and flowers being pretty underwhelming with no fragrance.Heavy flowering but flowers wilt when picked. Just being honest folks.

Samoan Fluff

Very very white flower with sweet fragrance

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