All plumeria in this section originally were discovered in or developed in the state of Hawaii. 


Brilliant coloration and heavy bloomer. One of the very best. Makes a beautiful lei.
From $79.95

Bill Moragne

One of the best Moragne hybrids.

Bridal White

Closely thatched florets on stem

Candy Stripe

Nice bloomer and a well branched tree. Many times branches to four new limbs.


The wonderful variety that is the plumeria of choice for lei makers in Hawaii. Click on details below for the various sizes available.
From $24.95


Heavy blooming red
From $23.95

Charlotte Ebert

Amazingly strong pleasant fruity fragrance

Cindy Schmidt

Very colorful plumeria

Daisy Wilcox

Very large fragrant flower

Donald Angus

Another of the plumeria that can change color

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